Curated By Aneesh Pradhan

Among the different genres of Hindustani vocal music, khayal stands out as a prominent form for melodic, rhythmic and textual exploration. Hundreds and thousands of khayal compositions created over the past few centuries and composed by contemporary composers, act as seed-ideas for vocalists to elaborate upon. The eighteenth-century musician Niamat Khan was one of the foremost composers of khayal compositions. Writing with the pseudonym ‘Sadaarang’, Niamat Khan was employed in the royal court of Emperor Muhammad Shah ‘Rangile’.  

Sadaarang’s compositions continue to be sung by vocalists in the twenty-first century. His compositions form an integral part of a shared repertoire across gharanas or traditional lineages of gurus and disciples representing different styles.  While the compositions are shared, their interpretations differ between gharanas, thus foregrounding the fact that the nature of Hindustani music is to allow for flexibility even in the interpretation of the basic composition.

This concert will highlight the melodic, rhythmic and poetic variety experienced in Sadaarang’s compositions. Interpretations by vocalists Noopur Gadgil, Aditya Modak, Bhaggesh Marathe and Kaustuv Kanti Ganguli, highlight the fact that the Hindustani music tradition is not a fossilised entity, but is very much living and contemporary. They will be accompanied on tabla by Swapnil Bhise and on harmonium by Siddhesh Bicholkar and Dnyaneshwar Sonawane.

Image Courtesy : Sadarang,Descendant of Naubat Khan
Note: This performance is for 90 min


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