Discover Your
Opera Voice


CURATED BY Neemrana Music Foundation

Facilitators Jasmin Martorell; Aude Priya Wacziarg

18 - 19 DEC
Old PWD Complex, Panjim


Curated By Neemrana Music Foundation


18th December | 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM | Old PWD Complex
18th December | 01:30 AM - 03:00 PM | Old PWD Complex
19th December | 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM | Old PWD Complex
19th December | 01:30 AM - 03:00 PM | Old PWD Complex

George Bernard Shaw once wrote: 'Opera is when a tenor and soprano want to make love, but are prevented from doing so by a baritone.'

It's nice to see opera brought down to its 'Bollywoodish' kind of appeal, as many have feared that opera is only for the elite and that they might not understand it. But what exactly is opera, and does one need to be overweight to be able to produce a loud voice without the help of microphones? Join the interactive 'Discover Your Opera Voice' workshop and discover how to use your own body as a musical instrument.

Let yourself be guided by world-renown voice coach Jasmin Martorell, listen to opera singer Priya Wacziarg's amusing anecdotes about the world of opera, and be inspired by her well-trained voice. After exercising your breath to give support to the sound, after vocalising your way through vowels and consonants, exploring the resonances, learn an opera song and enjoy performing it with the group.


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C340 Defence Colony

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