Healing Culinary Legacies


CURATORIAL ADVISOR Ruchi Jain; Dr. Punam Jain

16 DEC
2:30 PM - 3:30 PM
Old GMC, Panjim


Workshop on Flower Remedies and Herbs for Serendipity Festival, Goa by Ruchi Jain and Dr. Punam Jain

A two-hour workshop which would provide an overview of Bach flower remedies with an introduction to flowers of common trees and fruits; preparation, uses and administration of Indian Flower Remedies from common flowers found wild in India, particularly those in Goa and Konkan region. The workshop will discuss storage techniques and lessons on preparatory bowl materials.

An applied component of the workshop will focus on practical aspects of flower remedies, introducing participants to medicinal plants and herbs workshop; a First Aid application from common herbs and trees eg. burns, cuts; Home remedies for small ailments e.g fevers, coughs, colds, skin etc.; herbal teas from common plants and herbs;  The workshop will also demonstrate the preparation of one formulation, one tea formulation from wild plants and the preparation of one wild root drink, such as Tarota. The workshop will illustrate how to use bio-enzymes as an air-purifier, plant-pest inhibitor and to reduce carbon footprint. Crucially, the workshop will assist participants in understanding how to grow air purifying and first aid plants in window boxes or rooms.



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C340 Defence Colony

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