Theatre For
Early Years


CURATED BY Arundhati Nag

18 - 20 DEC
The Little Red, INOX Courtyard, Old GMC, Panjim


Curated By Arundhati Nag

Early experiences in the theatre allow young children an indelible experience that is deeply sensorial and perhaps even contributes to the beginning of their aesthetic journeys. Toddlers' theatre is an endeavour to this end. Toddlers experience time, space and action in a more sensorially active manner than adults do. Plays specially designed for toddlers actively consider their experience of the world. These plays are therefore immersive and rich with sound, visuals, textures, action and movement. We wish to mark the presence of a special ‘Creative Field’ that has become a large worldwide movement comprising of dramaturgs, pedagogues, writers, directors, artists, psychiatrists and sociologists concerned exclusively about the quality and content of artistic work created for children in the early years.

Disclaimer : The views and opinions expressed in any performance, artwork or installation do not reflect the official policy or position of the institution.


C340 Defence Colony

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