Curated By Arundhati Nag

‘Boy with a Suitcase’ is Ranga Shankara’s flagship production—a unique Indo-German collaboration that brings together people of different nationalities to make a play that relates to all of us. A play written by Mike Kenny about migration and the idea of home, it was topical when it was written several years ago and is still relevant today. It has been directed by Andrea Gronemeyer, one of Europe's top directors of theatre for the young. The play, created over two years opened in 2011 and since thenhas done over 150 shows over major festivals in Europe for young adults, and has toured extensively around India.

‘Boy with a Suitcase’ follows the tradition of legendary tales of adventure and travel—the more obstacles in your path, the merrier the adventure! Except that here the adventurer is a young 12 year old, on whom the adventure is thrust thanks to the circumstances of his life. Moving and funny in turns, it tells the story of a boy on the run in search of that elusive land where all problems end. The play is as much a tale about displacement and war, as it is about the search for Treasure Island. When he finally finds it it's not quite what he bargained for.


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C340 Defence Colony

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