15 - 22 DEC
1:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Children’s (Art) Park, Panjim


Shelter is a monumental participatory installation created by assembling cardboard modules of identical shape and size, by interlocking, without using tape or glue. Shelter is an interactive proposal for an audience that is in transit and is diverted from its primary purpose to participate in the making of the installation. Shelter invites the public to collectively build an imaginary and ephemeral city. This construction is a pretext for a reflection on how men inhabit the world. The purpose of this method is to activate thought by putting into action. We think by doing. There are rules to allow collaboration and cooperation. No prior training is necessary, there are no restrictions, everyone and anyone can participate and join this collective construction.

Shelter is part of Cabanes (Cabins). Cabanes is a global project by the company that includes several creative forms that all aim to offer the audience new ways of creating dialogue. The project is inspired by the concrete and philosophical experience of Henry David Thoreau, which is transcribed in his book Walden or Life in the Woods.

Shelter was created during MakeCity – Festival of Architecture and Urban Alternatives at the Mall of Berlin, Germany, in 2015, then showed in several cities in France, in Romania and in Tehran, Iran. Each variation finds its identity as per the context and the participants. In India, local peculiarities will influence and make their mark on the project.

Leave no trace
Sunday 22nd december 3pm - 5pm



Disclaimer : The views and opinions expressed in any performance, artwork or installation do not reflect the official policy or position of the institution.


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