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CURATED BY The Travelling Dome

15 - 22 DEC
8:00 AM - 12:00 PM
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Curated By The Travelling Dome

An exploration of the lived ecology of Goa through a series of walks to the source of the food, and interaction with local communities who are responsible for food production. The walk will conclude with the sampling of local food (vegetarian and non-vegetarian). 
The meeting point for walks every morning will be Old Goa Medical College, Panjim. It is advised that participants bring their own vehicles.
Details of walks can be read below. Each walk will be conducted twice during the Festival.
Fishing Village

This walk explores a fishing village where the local community goes fishing in small boats and collects clams, crabs, oysters and shrimp by the coast. We shall look at the process of fishing and the collection of seafood using traditional techniques and implements. We shall learn how this local economy works and its relationship with the ecology. We shall see the various ways in which this food is preserved and prepared. We shall learn about the songs and rituals associated with traditional fishing activities. We shall get a chance to interact with local fisherfolk and sample some traditional food.

Traditional Agriculture

We shall visit the paddy fields in the village and learn about traditional farming. We shall learn about the different varieties of rice cultivated locally along with coconuts and seasonal vegetables. We shall learn about their sources of irrigation and the dangers from flooding. We shall interact with farmers and find out about new techniques that are being developed to make farming economically and ecologically sustainable. We shall end with a sampling of traditional rice preparations. Participants can also buy Goan red rice right from the source.

Khazan Lands - Fish breeding & saltpans
The Khazan Lands are unique to Goa. On this walk we shall witness this marvel of traditional engineering designed to protect the coastline and agriable lands while providing food security and sustainability. We shall look at how saltpans are maintained and how fish are bred in these shallow reservoirs. We shall look at the local ecology and how it works in tandem with man-made systems. To end with we shall have a picnic with delicious traditional snacks. Participants can also buy solar salt right from the source.
Natural Freshwater Springs
The historic springs of Panjim are little known marvels with unique architectural features. We shall look at these precious sources of freshwater and the life and ecology they sustain. The rivers, lakes and springs that historically sustained cities and civilizations are now most threatened due to neglect and pollution. We shall look at strategies to preserve these gifts of nature and sustain these perennial sources. Traditional Goan drinks shall be the flavour of this walk—from coconut water to kokum—along with local snack preparations.

Disclaimer : The views and opinions expressed in any performance, artwork or installation do not reflect the official policy or position of the institution.


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